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lesson idea (mr. donn): problem solving, discussion or debate (middle school, 8th-grade): up to a certain point, the civil war could have been avoided. after that point, war was predictable. determine where that point might have been and why.  american civil war photographs, what do you see? – 3 days, by the time your kids finish this lesson plan, they will be involved in this time period american civil war photographs – sort from many online photographs, and pick one or more to write a newspaper article based on what you see and guess the american civil war through a child’s eye – using readers theatre approach, paul fleischman’s bull run, and photos and primary resources  special section: the american civil war for kids – causes, battles, people, daily life, underground railroad, slavery in america, and reconstruction

there is clearly a lot that needs to be covered in this era, so it is one of the longer units in the curriculum. you can download all the lessons and activities for this unit here, or sign up for a students of history subscription to gain access to everything online. students begin with an interactive timeline on the events leading up to the conflict before breaking up into groups for a stations activity, to learn about the differences between the north and the south. detailing specific battles and events, this lesson will provide a bit more detail into what exactly occurred during the civil war and why the turnout was the way it was. the next lesson focuses on key political and military figures that your students need to know from this era.

or, you could choose a more hands-on activity with these “interactive pop-ups” of the important people students need to know. this lesson helps students to make better connections and relate to history on a more personal note. of course, the a civil war unit has to also look at the words and speeches of abraham lincoln. a primary source color guard song analysis is also included for learning more about the 54th massachusetts regiment from the film a thorough unit guide packet and awesome set of interactive digital notebook activities are also available to use throughout your unit. you can also download the entire unit here in a zip folder and immediately have everything saved to your desktop. you can also choose to gain access to everything through a subscription, which also grants you immediate access to the entire us history curriculum.

the middle school civil war curriculum is a set of eight standards-based lesson plans, that utilizes a mixture of traditional and modern teaching methods. this collection brings together a diverse set of resources to consider the causes, context, and course of the civil war. for more resources on the civil war, edsitement lessons on slavery, the crisis of the union, the civil war and reconstruction. on this page: this lesson plan was revised 01/19/2006., .

free lesson plans, classroom activities, simulations, debates, mock trial, primary documents, core knowledge lesson plans about the american civil war. with lessons on secession, specific battles, the ending of slavery, impact of president abraham lincoln, and more, students will gain an what’s included in the civil war unit? 15 detailed lesson plans 3 weeks of activities pacing guide answer keys (of course) 100+ pages with, .

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