christmas lesson plans for preschoolers

the sights and the smells of christmas are near and make for a festive preschool theme! christmas is a special time of year for us to recognize the wonderful people in our lives and share gifts from the heart. print and cut out the letters that you want to focus on with your preschooler. if you have a magnetic wand available, invite the preschoolers to pick up the jingle bells with the magnet wand.

this fun and creative invitation to play is all about allowing your preschooler to create and think outside of the box. the spirit of giving – this activity is the perfect way to teach preschoolers that giving does not always have to be material things. this book full of the antics of little david is sure to garner a giggle or two. consider adding some christmas-themed manipulatives or puppets to enhance the learning this time of year. i feel very fortunate to have this time to watch my babies grow and i can’t wait to share my passion for learning and reading with you!

can overstimulate the senses in your preschool classroom due to all of the lights, colors, aromas and general excitement that the children bring to the season! ; large craft sticks, glue encourage children to print their name on the large craft stick with a marker. circle time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group and to learn more about your christmas theme! show the children a calendar and count from december 1 through december 25. tell them that there are 25 days until christmas and that they are going to help you to make a chain of papers to count down “how many more days” until christmas. help that child to place their strip into the whole of the chain piece you just made. assure the children that you will all sing it another time so that all the children have a turn to be in the play! also, check for egg allergies or lactose intolerance prior to making with the children. combine this with a pajama day–invite the children and teachers to wear their pajamas to school this day! they choose a toy and run to the other side of the room where you have the different size boxes. when they are all off the chute, tell them to freeze!

provide the children with a matching set of christmas cards to match up. cut out pictures of toys or items the children like and encourage them to move like those items (such as an airplane, a puppy, etc.). children can pretend it is christmas or christmas eve and have all the cars drive to their homes in the “snow”, the reindeer and sleigh fly over the houses, etc. have children cut the green paper into the shape that they want their christmas trees to be (accept any shapes they make. encourage the children to print their name on their tree and then allow them to decorate how they want with the stickers and markers. place potpourri into ornaments, close ornament and add a ribbon to the end. when dry, hole punch the top and add a ribbon to hang the ornament. arrange a time for your children to come in and perhaps sample a christmas food or two! cook it during the day in a crock-pot and deliver it to a soup kitchen that evening. the children sing their favorite songs in front of their families and then we all enjoy refreshments and snacks together.

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