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if you are a regular user of this website, and any of the resources that i have personally produced, you may like to make a small donation. first few references are sponsored and will have nothing to do with this site. it includes a full set of ap chemistry notes as well as 100+ flashcards with ap level questions, tips and advice.

for copyright reasons, none of the questions can come from actual ap exams but they have been carefully chosen and written to match the content and level of ap chemistry. when i retired in 2018, my intention was just to leave this website as it was, for as long as people were still finding it useful. after returning to teaching in trinidad in 2019,  i’ve decided to mark my second retirement by posting some of the resources i made – mainly for the advanced placement (ap) chemistry course as well as some things for the ib middle year programme. sad, but such is the moment, there is no point in trying to ‘update’ the pages for advh, higher and n5 so they will remain as i left them.

in an era when innovative chemistry educators were beginning to explore the use of the internet, the site provided a good view of what was available. this is the table of contents and a sample chapter (“fundamentals of learning”) from the book, with links to sources. chemistry at play – an article by rosie cook in the chemheritage discover magazine outlines the history and demise of the chemistry set. this is an updated version of an  extensive and carefully done report by vanessa barker for the royal society of chemistry. perspectives of chemists: tracking conceptual understanding of student learning in chemistry at the secondary and university levels – describes a chemistry curriculum and assessment project that has framed the “big ideas” of chemistry in order to provide developmental cohesion and promote conceptual understanding for students. [link is to a 2007 archive] elements – ever wonder which of the less-common ones you can buy, and in what form? ” this link is to a pre-publication draft of an article by judithann hartman and eric nelson that was published online by the journal foundations of chemistry.

general chemistry – a free textbook compiled from the work of various authors. chemistry homework help – this compilation of sites, some free, some pay-per-answer, is the last resort for the desperate or the lazy. chemistry of cleaning – a nice overview of the nature of “dirt” and the agents used to get rid of it. a thoughtful answer to a common question in terms of the stoichiometry of carpets – from illinois u – perdue u – indianapolis. the only chemistry title is principles of general chemistry by bruce averill and patricia eldredge, but other titles on this list may be of interest to home schoolers and teachers in countries where textbooks are unavailable or unaffordable. the computers in chemical education newsletter is an online publication, edited by brian pankuch, containing articles describing a wide variety of topics relating to the use of software and web-based materials in instruction. whatever happened to the useful cumulative indices of the past?

from lesson plans and classroom activities to textbooks and multimedia, acs has a wide variety of chemistry education resources to meet your needs. browse acs’s textbooks, magazines, lesson plans, and other resources for teaching high school chemistry. resources and materials to support your teaching of chemistry to primary, secondary and higher education students. this includes safe and reliable practical, chemistry resources for students, chemistry resources for students, chemistry resources for college students, chemistry resources for high school students, online chemistry resources.

high school resources that are appropriate for advanced classes, such as ap or ib chemistry, can be found in our ap collection. a large collection of other resources chemmaters – acs magazine for high school chemistry students. chem-4-kids – pre-chemistry education chemistry books – a variety of chemistry online resources for teaching and learning chemistry. chemistry resources for high schools impacted by covid-19. the following free resources may be, high school chemistry online resources, high school chemistry websites. what are resources in chemistry? what are the resources needed in school? what are the three main resources of school? what resources can teachers use? chemistry & materials classroom resourceschemistry now. chemed dl: chemistry education digital library. www chemistry guide. chem4kids. chemistry now: chance discoveries: graphene.profiles of scientists and engineers: materials engineer.polymers — chalk talk.

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