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chaffey college will soon begin accepting provisional applications for the vocational nursing program for fall 2021. please keep an eye on this web page for updated information. the vocational nurse is a care giver in acute and extended care facilities. the vocational nursing (vn) program is accredited by the state of california board of vocational nursing and psychiatric technicians (bvnpt). the program consists of lecture and laboratory instruction in actual nursing situations. because we want all of our students to benefit from all aspects of our program, we had to make the difficult decision to halt accepting new students for the associate degree in nursing and licensed vocational nursing programs for spring 2021. the reason we are unable to accept new students is simple: covid-19. in a normal semester, we  provide more than 200 students with learning opportunities at clinical sites. we hope to make a decision soon regarding the acceptance of new nursing students for fall 2021.  and while that may seem like a long time to wait, we know that our programs are worth your patience.

here’s why: our next adn information session will be monday, september 14 from 3 to 5 p.m. via zoom. please keep an eye on our adn and lvn web pages for updates. all meetings are open to the public and sign-ups are not required. please be prompt to assure admittance and allow time for parking. day pass parking permits are required and may be purchased in the dispensers in each parking lot. during the spring semester, the application period begins on the first business day in march and closes on the last business day of march. must be admitted into the vn program before taking these courses.note: in addition to completion of the major, there are other requirements for the degree. **students must take the four nurast classes above, or equivalent, or provide proof of a current california state nursing assistant certificate.requirements for the nursing: vocational (vn) certificate: (t315)same as the major requirements for the associate of science degree and required prerequisite courses above.vocational nursing advanced placementcontact the vn program coordinator for evaluation of nursing course work.

information is accurate at the time of entry, which is indicated on the document; however “major sheets” are updated only once a year.four-year college and university requirements and articulation agreements are continually being updated and these updates are posted on assist. when planning for transfer, consult with a counselor, make use of resources at the transfer center, reference assist, csumentor, ucpathways, and websites at both public and private institutions.

assist is the official repository of articulation for california’s public colleges and universities and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about student transfer in california.exploring majors is an assist site that helps students explore majors offered at uc and csu campuses. it provides several paths you can take to learn about specific majors, requirements for majors, major preparation at community colleges, and transferring courses to the university of california or california state university.the links shown below will allow you to download the official chaffey college major sheet for the associated program.

cte programs. accounting/financial service. art/digital media. automotive technology. aviation maintenance technology. broadcasting and cinema. business administration. culinary arts. cyber security. dental assisting. dietetic service supervisor. drafting. industrial maintenance mechanic. interior design. journalism. these courses include: biol 30 – medical terminology; gero 18 – aging and the life course; gero 22 – dying and our programs can prepare you for a new job, advancement in your workplace or transfer to a four-year university., chaffey college application, chaffey college application, chaffey college coronavirus, chaffey college jobs, chaffey college portal.

academic and career communities – chaffey’s degree and certificate programs are organized into six academic and certificate programs focus on a specific vocational topic/subject area, and are designed to provide students with color name, type of degree or certificate salmon, 2020-2021 aa or as degree/certificate programs, is chaffey college open, chaffey college nursing, chaffey college open class list, community colleges in rancho cucamonga

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