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the following is the result of a well-known survey study of more than 3,340 respondents answering this question. 47 percent of the surveyed certified training professionals report a career advance as a result of being certified within 24 months. many testify that the ibct train-the-trainer program was a “game changer” in their career. 97% of respondents agreed that industry certifications were preferred during the hiring process, in both new hire and internal employee placement scenarios. attending the post-graduate course “ibct certified trainer” with ibct (17 years ago!)

as a manager, i learned that many managers are too busy with controlling spreadsheets and ‘try to let the grass grow faster by pulling it’. from strategic education, transfer of training, didactic skills and more were a part of this train-the-trainer program. the ibct train the trainer training was a very positive experience for our entire team. the ibct certification has given me the confidence needed to walk into training with senior leaders knowing that i’d be seen as credible because of it have you got any inquiries, suggestions, questions or wanna say thank you? ibct certifies trainers at 3 levels via a multi-level train-the-trainer program that designed per the state-of-the-industry standards. please fill out this form to receive the access information in your inbox.

it’s one of the most exciting and satisfying careers you can have. and nasm is the right certification company to choose. after all, we’ve been the top choice with fitness pros around the world for more than 30 years, with over 500,000 enrollments and counting1. no cpr and aed certifications? you just need to get them at some point before your personal trainer certification exam. the ncca is a nationally recognized third-party agency that helps to ensure certification companies are working at the highest standards. their mission is to set the standard for health and wellbeing in the fitness sector. sign up to download our free guide and start your new career today! there are no wrong decisions – all will help prepare you for a career in personal training and the nasm-cpt exam! nasm recognizes that due to the covid-19 pandemic, there is very limited availability of hands on skills assessments for cpr/aed certifications.

nasm will be temporarily waiving the hands on skills assessment requirement and accepting online only cpr/aed courses. this waiver will be in effect until the cdc and government recommendations for social distancing have been lifted in the united states. please note: the online course must still include adult cpr and aed yes. due to the circumstances surrounding covid-19, this exam is currently being administered both online and in-person, depending on your location. however, nasm has partnered with next insurance, an innovator in the insurance space who provides affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use insurance for personal trainers. click here to learn more about insurance for trainers. dependent upon which package was purchased, you may have 1 or more practice exams available to you for the duration of your enrollment period. nasm complies with the americans with disabilities act of 1990. in order to ensure the opportunity for all qualified persons, nasm will make reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities that might affect their nasm-certification exam taking. please click here to learn more about the certification exam. fill out the form and you will be contacted within 1 business day.

ibct is the world’s leading certification body for talent development industry. our main service is certification of certified trainers empower educators to learn and use google for education products to make their classrooms plus, employers agree that nasm certified personal trainers (nasm-cpts) are better prepared to actively start, .

how to become a certified personal trainer do your research and choose a study program register for your exam get learn how to get a new career in fitness or nutrition, and how to become a personal trainer or nutritionist online. the certifications covered in this article fall under the heading of “trainer training” or “training certification,” in the sense,

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