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certificate course certificate format

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a certificate is ideal for people attempting to move up in their current field. in a survey of 1,000 students who had just completed their certificate program, 42 percent said they took on more responsibilities at work, received a promotion, or changed careers while pursuing the credential. read more about the value of a graduate certificate. at harvard extension school, 44% of certificate earners choose this route, affording them the benefits of both credentials. you can earn a graduate certificate on your way to a master’s degree by choosing courses required for a certificate that also count toward a related master’s. for prospective students having trouble deciding between a degree and a certificate, stackable credentials make it easy to start with smaller goals before making the leap to a master’s. check out our tips for prospective students to learn more about how to begin your path to enrollment. the division of continuing education (dce) at harvard university is dedicated to bringing rigorous academics and innovative teaching capabilities to those seeking to improve their lives through education.