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it’s your passion—and with the right online carpentry course, you can transform that passion into a career. studying online in a way that fits your busy life, you’ll graduate with the carpentry skills employers demand, helping you focus on practical skills and turn your woodworking hobby into a true profession. as a graduate of a carpentry school online, you may work on a wide variety of carpentry jobs, both indoors and outdoors—from installing kitchen cabinets and drywall to helping construct large-scale projects from the ground up. other than a small administrative cost – and shipping fees for course materials—tuition includes school costs to get you started towards graduation.

whatever your situation, we’re here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. when you take the initiative to enroll in a carpentry school online, it shows that you are self-motivated and strive to hone your skills to the professional level. we allow you up to one year from the date of your enrollment to graduate from our carpentry school online. our other trades courses include: a career in this field may require you to meet certain licensing, training, and other requirements that can vary by vocation and state.

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