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care certificate template is a care certificate sample that gives infomration on care certificate design and format. when designing care certificate example, it is important to consider care certificate template style, design, color and theme. launched in 2015, skills for health, skills for care and nhs england worked in partnership to develop the care certificate, which was developed as part of the cavendish review. care quality commission states that “the care certificate sets standards for the induction of health care support workers to form the foundation for ongoing learning and development”. the two new scenarios may be of particular interest to allied health professionals (ahps) and help to ensure that the care certificate e-learning programme has context for all professions across the health and care system. the scenarios cover key aspects including preparing for a shift, handover meetings, and examples of clients and factors of their care to consider. they are a great way of enhancing a person’s overall knowledge of the health and care system and are a valuable resource to all healthcare professions.

care certificate format

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the nhs electronic staff record (esr) also has a range of tools and functions which enable employers to enter, store and analyse historical and current information about their workforce- including information on the care certificate. other organisations, such as the national skills academy for health and national numeracy challenge have also developed resources to support employers to deliver the care certificate. there is a range of resources available to help develop your support staff on the skills for health resources page which extend beyond english and maths skills to include esol, ict and digital literacy, and other work skills. the learning can support the development of maths, english and ict skills and help prepare employees looking to take a functional skills qualification. practical support to help you develop the skills needed to deal with key management situations confidently and consistently.