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three short hours at iste changed the way i teach and as a result, changed the way my students are learning. i also decided to create a special unit for my incoming fourth graders that would implement each of these new features. i based the unit on four essential parts of speech for the upper elementary student; nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, as i knew this could be applicable for all teachers. my goal was to use “my brainpop” as the learning platform and take a blended, self-paced, and differentiated approach. students were motivated to explore related brainpop topics, and also to share their discoveries with each other.

each monday i asked students to watch the corresponding movie and read the q&a feature at home. students seem more confident as they attack the tasks ahead, and we’re able to clear up misconceptions in class. though all features help students directly apply what they learn from the movie,  sortify and make-a-map truly stand out in allowing students to challenge themselves at their level of readiness. we are officially half way through our parts of speech unit, and students seem more at ease every day. i am convinced that student scores will improve with their final quiz and i believe that their final make-a-map will prove to show not only where students are with parts of speech, but also with higher order thinking. but in the past week i realized two things:  1) time and modeling are essential to helping students learn anything new, and  2) results of student learning have made every extra second worth it.

the site has a library of hundreds of videos, which are all searchable by topic. brainpop can be accessed from either google apps for education (if integrated with google apps for education) or from the site, the mind mapping software is very easy to use. one of my favourite resources from brainpop is newsela, which provides a different comprehension text for each topic available on the site. what is particularly useful about newsela is the functionality to change the word count of the text, which can make the text simpler or more complex depending on the reader – great for differentiation!. students can then track their submissions, grades, and feedback by navigating to their my brainpop page.

brainpop also enables teachers to create and assign their own quizzes for a given topic. some of the content can be relatively high level for primary children, as the site is designed for students from 8 to 14 years. this why there is a sister site, brainpop junior (included within the subscription package), which has been designed for children from 5 to 8 years. from here teachers see a history of all student submissions and are able to review, grade, and provide feedback to students. as a tool for flipped learning, brainpop has many benefits. the platform is also compatible with mobile devices such as ipads and smartphones, which makes it another great application to use as part of a byod initiative. he is passionate about making the most of technology to enrich the education of students.

the digital nature of brainpop makes it equally powerful in the classroom and for distance learning. school closures due to weather or more recently, learn about 4th grade teacher nili bartley’s success using brainpop’s newest features– make-a-map, sortify and my brainpop–for her october as a tool for flipped learning, brainpop has many benefits. students can research plenty of child-friendly resources using this platform., flipped classroom, flipped classroom, moby and tim, what is edmodo?.

i have used it for in class reinforced on flipped classroom notes. when i was teaching 6th grade geography and cultures, i used them in class constantly to brainpop is also home to gameup®, a free educational games portal for the classroom. in traditional, blended, and “flipped” learning settings, the new sso option will allow k-8 teachers to sync with google classroom rosters or create a class to assign brainpop content directly to students and offer, . how is brainpop used in the classroom? do schools still use brainpop? what is a flipped classroom approach? why is brainpop good for students?

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