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bodybuilding workout log template is a bodybuilding workout log sample that gives infomration on bodybuilding workout log design and format. when designing bodybuilding workout log example, it is important to consider bodybuilding workout log template style, design, color and theme. at the time, recording a journal became very frustrating because it did not make for satisfying reading, and i abandoned the idea. as my mileage increased, i got out of the habit of keeping a log book, until recently. through the log book we have good evidence of the need to rest. i use the words “sudden decline” in quotes because there is seldom a sudden decline. but, if your log book contains your comments, you can often see the development of the injury over a few days. when you are tired, mention you were tired and maybe a reason why. it’s important to identify reasons why—maybe the training load is too much or too intense, or you are pressured at work. recording them in your journal helps you be less critical of yourself. you see how much faster you have got over a period of time.

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on the confidence issue, i know a number of athletes who certainly gain motivation and confidence from their diaries. it is also a well-known fact that comrades king bruce fordyce also used his diary to great effect. you could keep a race journal too. keeping a journal can make or break your training progress. this is the first moment i was glad i had listened to the advice and embarked on my journey with journal in hand. it’s going to show you the route, help you avoid sidetracking and keep your final destination in focus. in a few weeks you journal will be able to tell you that too. it is encouraging to see the pages fill and accurately measure how far you have come. if you don’t record it, it can become easier to forget the whole point of what the game is. remember the primary reason you are training and racing is for enjoyment and relaxation, and of course for some results.

ever wondered what the terms set, failure or reps meant when you stared at an exercise program with a blank expression drawn across your face? ever wondered what the terms set, failure or reps meant when you stared at an exercise program with a blank expression drawn across your face? all workout logs center around a basic layout of exercise, sets, reps and rest. the exercise is listed first, then the number of sets and the number of reps in each set. you should always take your post-warm-up sets at least to the point of momentary muscular failure, and frequently past that point. where 5 is the number of weight levels you will use, and the total reps cover the number of reps you want after all 5 sets are complete. 5 is again the number of weight levels you will use, but in this example you will keep doing reps until you cannot successfully complete any more on your last weight value.

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drop sets: also known as strip sets, drop sets involve the immediate reduction of weight between sets with no rest. rest-pause: this is an advanced technique that allows you to get more reps with the same weight. rest for 5 to 10 seconds then do a few more reps with the same weight. with this technique you can take a weight you can only do for a certain number of reps and increase that amount. forced reps: forced reps are a frequently used method of extending a set past the point of failure to induce greater gains in muscle mass and quality. one or two partners help you lift a weight up to 10-50% heavier than you would normally lift to finish point of movement. controlled cheating: a method of pushing a muscle to keep working far past the point at which it would normally fail to continue contracting due to excessive fatigue buildup. in cheating you will use a controlled body swing, jerk, or otherwise poor exercise form once you have reached the failure point to take some of the pressure off the muscles and allow them to continue a set for two or three repetitions past failure.

create, log, and track your workouts with a user-friendly interface. the hevy app allows you to create and log bodybuilding workout routines. add your exercises from the exercise library or customized ones, weight, number of sets, and reps. logging your workout is simple and convenient; make any changes needed to each set, tap complete and then move to the next set or exercise. it is easy to create a custom exercise; tap ‘create’ on the exercise page of the app and add the details (add image, exercise name, type, equipment, and the primary/secondary muscle groups), then tap ‘save.’ hevy is the most intuitive workout tracker & planner in the world. plan your weight lifting routines, log your workouts, and smash your fitness goals. set up your routines and show up to the gym with a clear goal. logging your workouts shouldn’t be hard, and should be smarter than using a pencil and a notebook.

see statistics on your progress, per exercise, muscle groups, and track your body measurements. hevy is packed with features needed to complete & track your workout efficiently & accurately. workouts can be selected within the app, or you can build your own. i especially like that it calculates your total volume lifted, gives a graphical representation of your training and remembers your last sessions so you can progressively overload. it’s easy to use, simple and well designed. you can store up to 4 routines in the free version and tracking is unlimited. log your workouts and track your progress on hevy app while being part of an amazing community of +2 million gym athletes.