bodybuilding workout chart

the example below shows you how to read and fill out the table of an exercise performed in a single set fashion (without the use of supersets). be sure to perform the repetitions with impeccable form and that the weight selected allows you to perform no more than 12 and no less than 10 repetitions for the first exercise and for as many repetitions as possible for the second one using the same weight. the third set will require another increase in weight and 6 reps to be performed. in a modified tri-set the first exercise is performed, in this case the exercise being the wide-grip upright rows, and then after a 90 second rest you perform the second exercise, which in our example is the military press.

if this is the first time ever that you have trained in the morning energy levels may be a bit off initially. so the best thing is to perform the weights first thing in the morning with the cardiovascular exercise right after. however, keep in mind that bodybuilding is about contracting the muscles in every repetition and feeling the movement; not just simply lifting a weight from a to b. so make sure that your lifting speed does not affect the quality of the contraction under any circumstance. eating food will not make you fat; only abusing the quantities of the bad foods will.

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