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blank trainer template is a blank trainer sample that gives infomration on blank trainer design and format. when designing blank trainer example, it is important to consider blank trainer template style, design, color and theme. so we created the gunshot box™ which generates unlimited adrenaline-invoking simulated gunshots — replicating the intensity of shots-fired for a safe alternative to blank rounds or blank firing guns. we all know active shooter emergencies are happening far more often than ever before and on the rise. most active shooter training systems lack the realism, experience and sound of the real situation. as the fbi was reviewing video evidence of the incident, they noticed there was a highly trained and armed responder in the store that was properly positioned to take out the shooter. this of course is in no way his fault as he had always trained with hearing protection which of course did not prepare him for the real thing when it happened. when lives are on the line, creating hyper-realistic scenarios and situations is the only way to ensure trainees are ready for the real thing if and when it happens.

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real explosions with safe levels of sound percussion with no cartridges, expendables, or speakers. no more slapping boards together or using the fire command to activate your trainees. current integrations include the milo range training simulator. in addition, the trainer can trigger individual shots or unlimited rapid bursts at will. we know that when you’re in the business of saving lives, quality and durability can’t be sacrificed. get more details on how affordable upgrading the realism of your training can be and how it will produce ongoing savings month after month. copyright 2024 © scenario trainer scenario trainer, inc. | 1284 som center rd, suite 373, mayfield hts.