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here’s what’s up with some of those major education platforms and how to enjoy classes for free (tl;dr basically you can do most courses for the fun of it but you don’t get a certificate — a verified certificate shows that you have passed an official course, plus you can add it to your cv or linkedin profile, which handy if you’re looking to find a new job. you can actually access plenty of the courses for free if you’re just doing this for the good of your own brain.â  if you’re looking to learn a thing or two from cultural heavyweights like the british film institute, step this way. if you’re looking to upskill with some of the preferred talents many employers are looking for in this digital age, general assembly is a strong place to learn them.

kadenze works with two tiers of membership: free and premium, the latter of which allows you to get verified certificates and access to a whole bunch of online courses for $20 per month (not cheap but cheaper than paying one-off course fees). there are plenty of places where you can stream free classes, whether it’s the larger educational platforms or instagram and youtube. the silver lining here is that there are plenty of free classes online that teach you a new type of exercise without you having to try it in front of a class of people.â  there are plenty of workout apps and youtube channels for when you can’t leave the house, digital coaches to keep you accountable, and so much yoga (some free, some not). there are so many online resources for this, whether you want to fire up a full-on course via edx or the like, or you respond more to fun apps like duolingo.

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