basketball lesson plan

give your class the opportunity to improve on their basketball skills – you don’t need to be the pro yourself as the teacher, you just need to know the core coaching points when starting out (for grades 3-6).

face the net with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the ball with your strong hand under it, and support the ball with your other hand on the side  use your whole body to push the ball, straighten out your elbow and release the ball off your wrist to get backspin with the ball 1. dribble towards the basket from the right side and leap up off your left leg with a high right knee, and grab the ball with both hands 2. while in the air, roll/release the ball off your right hand with your fingers to bounce it off the backboard into the basket your kids can never get enough ball handling practice – there are so many exciting and challenging ways they can practice on their own in the playground, or as a warmup before your p.e lesson.

the goal of each lesson is to introduce one or more of the skills necessary to play basketball. the teaching philosophy is centered on keeping the skill basketball unit – lesson 1. grade: 8. subject: physical education. facility: classroom and gymnasium. materials: ° white board and markers. basketball lesson ideas for pe ; teaching dribbling. elementary pe dribbling with basketball lesson video ; grades 6-8. bottle cap basketball (, basketball unit plan, basketball unit plan.

lesson outcomes: demonstrate basic dribble. protect the basketball with non-dribbling arm. develop cardiovascular endurance, agility, and eye-hand. lesson: 3 vs 3 bounce ball grade(s): 3-5. skills: basketball dribbling, passing and defense (passive) description: students will play a game of 3 vs 3 browse basketball lesson plans resources on teachers pay teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original, . what are the 5 skills taught in the basketball unit? how do you teach basketball? how do you teach basketball in pe? how do you write a lesson plan for beginners?

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