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ultimately, their job is to ensure that customers are happy with their experience and that the restaurant operates at a profit. those who want to move into a particular area of the culinary world might choose between specialized certificates, such as those in baking and pastry arts, bartending, catering or beverage service. some restaurant management schools are well-known in the industry for turning out students with impressive credentials and abilities. the chance to work with some of the hottest restaurants in the world is a big plus. students can choose from a variety of paths, from the basic diploma or certificate in restaurant management to a doctoral degree with an emphasis on one of dozens of concentrations.

the bachelor’s program in restaurant management is considered the minimum for those who want to work in top-notch restaurants or culinary establishments. those who want to reach the pinnacle of the restaurant management profession can pursue the phd in restaurant or hospitality management. though restaurant management schools and degrees can impart a great deal of knowledge, there is a reason that all of them require hands-on training or internships: nothing prepares a manager to work in the field more than actually getting out there and doing the work. here are some of the most common concentrations and what they might lead to: students who choose this concentration are poised to handle what happens in the ‘back of the house,’ where the food is prepared, as well as oversee a busy bar area. i will check in with our lead host about the reservations for the evening and any special requests or people of importance. those who graduate with restaurant management degrees are qualified to work in schools, ensuring the proper nutrition for children.

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