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annual periodization plan template is a annual periodization plan sample that gives infomration on annual periodization plan design and format. when designing annual periodization plan example, it is important to consider annual periodization plan template style, design, color and theme. in other words, it is a conventional division of a time continuum into specific periods of time, e.g. in training methodology, periodization includes both periodization of an annual training plan and periodization of motor skills. planning means organizing training time into shorter and longer periods of time according to the training goal. programming is the act of filling a planned structure with content in the form of tools (exercises) and training variables (intensity, volume, w:r ratio). the training periodization of a yearly plan can be defined as the structure of the training process, while the periodization of motor skills can be defined as the content of that plan. some may say that periodization looks good only in theory, because when it applies to individual sports with a long preparation period, a medium competition period and a short transition phase there is nothing complicated. the truth is that we can design a periodized plan for as many periods of starts and preparations as we want.

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in such a case also comes the ability to monitor training, because as needed the coach can decide to lengthen or shorten any of the training phases. when talking about the periodization of the annual training plan, one cannot ignore such concepts as macrocycle, mesocycle and microcycle. it is worth mentioning that depending on the literature, one may come across different concepts of training cycles. the goal of motor training is to improve athlete performance through neurophysiological changes in body structure and function. the most important aspect of physical ability training is progressive loading. it is also important to determine the level of “trainability” of a given motor ability. on the other hand, speed and power sports also require a focus on general elements (such as strength and how it is expressed).

most of you are aware of the basic programming models presented in practical programming for strength training such as the texas method, heavy-light-medium training, and split training routines. for those of you who are coaches, personal trainers, or gym owners, this article might be helpful to you as a guide to keep your clients engaged over the course of a year rather than getting burnt out and bored with the same old – same old. the hlm program usually ends with a pretty giant dose of volume and you may only be able to sustain it for 3 weeks rather than 4.  however.

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also, note that i prescribed loads in the 70-85% range, and most of the work probably average out closer to 75-80% so you should not really be “grinding” out every set of every workout. as the fatigue from the volume of the hlm program begins to dissipate in april with lower volume training it serves as a catalyst for some nice prs in the 1-3 rep range that are kinda the hallmark of a texas method program. use those two points of reference to “script” out the numbers you will be using for your volume and intensity days on the 9 week texas method program. the ggw program ends in a testing day, and i would recommend omitting that day prior to beginning the texas method.