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among us is a hugely popular game right now, especially with our third graders! among us is a multi-player social deduction game (do i hear higher-order thinking?) the game takes place on one of three maps: the spaceship (skeld), sky base (mira hq), or alien planet (polus). the game fosters a surprising number of key skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, reasoning, and map fluency. one of the simplest ways to monopolize this popular fad is to use it as a motivational tool. they miss being able to just socialize and good off and i do too.” kim chambers uses among us to encourage students to pay attention during class presentations. one of those facts is incorrect, and students have to guess the impostor (the incorrect fact).” our students flip out over breakout or escape rooms, and we’ve incorporated a multitude of themes from mario to jurassic park.

“find the impostor” can be used as a quick check for understanding in any subject. give students a handful of choices and ask them to find the impostor (the one that doesn’t belong). one pair (two words) doesn’t match, and students need to find it (impostor).” jessica potter, a 2nd grade teacher, came up with a way to use among us in spelling. you could also provide the target words and have students decide whether they are correct or “sus” and need to be fixed. if you make your own, be sure to set the dimensions as 1000 x 250 pixels, so it doesn’t get distorted. teacher julia welciek says, “i told (students) they had to get their ‘tasks’ done throughout the day. it should be noted that among us does include cartoonish violence, and the apple store suggests it is appropriate for ages 9 and up. she is an advocate for inclusive education and co-founder of ready, set, coteach!

sometimes you just need a little something extra to get kids’ attention and keep them motivated. are your students suddenly warning you that you’re “pretty sus”? we asked teachers to share how they’re making among us work for them in the classroom, and we promise there are no imposters among these classroom activities! after designing their crafts in their favorite colors, bouchard’s sixth-grade students assigned each papercraft characteristics, helping hone their social awareness skills as the kids thoughtfully made their characters come alive. we love this idea from teacher rosalind harris who created lanyards with among us characters and the words “ask me.” when she’s consolidating work, harris puts out a call to her class, asking who’d like to volunteer to help their classmates with their work. while harris works with students who could use a little extra help, students with the lanyards jump in and work with their peers. it’s not always easy to be on your best behavior in the classroom. this idea is great as an extra incentive for students to do their absolute best.

if they didn’t have the best day, well, no one has to be the wiser — it just means there was an imposter in the class that day. texas third grade teacher liza garza uses among us as a reward! when her students have completed all their assignments, the whole class gets to play — with their teacher, of course. second grade teacher emily makes it easy for her students to remember their classroom jobs: she’s assigned each child a crewmate on her board, and she’s paired the little icons with their tasks! want to pump your students up for something? your nod to among us doesn’t always have to be quite so obvious. the possibilities are almost as endless as the lengths the imposter will go to when they don’t want to be found out. celebrating st. patrick’s day in the classroom calls for fun stem activities, writing challenges, and more — all designed by teachers! these bunny crafts are perfect for the classroom whether you celebrate easter or just want to mark spring with some bunny-inspired activities.

“find the impostor” can be used as a quick check for understanding in any subject. give students a handful of choices and ask them to find the teacher-approved ideas for using among us for social and emotional learning, classroom management, and more! 1. plan a virtual escape room activity that is among us themed. 2. use among us in math to have students determine an imposter amongst various numbers. 3., among us school edition, among us school edition, among us classroom game template, among us activities, among us reading activity.

the new york times has a lesson plan for students based around the game. “in this lesson, students examine how the times reports on a trend they among us is set in the spaceship (skeld). room(s) have tasks in it that crewmates complete to keep their location running. among us edu game how to play among us in the classroom integrate your math lessons into the game! tie in a detective-related text, then have the students, among us activities printable, among us behavior management. what does the game among us teach us? how can we use among us in the classroom? is there an educational version of among us? how do you play among us in real life school?

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