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you’ve built the foundation, expanded on your weak points and balanced things out, but now you need even more of a challenge to push your physique to the next level. you can either go for three days of training following a rest day or run the entire three days twice in a row training six days straight before taking a rest day. 🙂 the rep range given is quite broad – for instance 6-12. is the workout therefore suited towards high volume vs intensity or would you recommend working up to the higher rep range and, once completed, increase the weight starting from the lower rep range? can i add tri-ceps on leg day and be ok or is that to much tricep work on back to back days hi; l ‘m training on the intermediate workout, cani i start this workout after the first one ? feel free to perform it after you’ve finished the intermediate workout. just one rest day would mean i would totally miss the rest if i play badminton .

the first exercise is in a seated (90*) bench position. i know there is a beginner and intermediate level associated with this workout, but due to work i can really only realistically get to the gym three times a week. alternatively, you could look at full body workouts or an upper/lower/full body workout protocol to hit the muscle groups multiple times each week and maximize your muscle building potential. do i tweak the weight on each set? i always recommend training goal for each set to be at least 1-2 rir. i wouldn’t recommend lifting to failure on any set – but this depends on your overall goal. the triceps do get worked indirectly in a number of these movements, but you’re more than welcome to add in some direct tricep work if you wish.

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chapter 2. triphase training program. in my opinion, consistently adding weight to the bar—lifting heavier weights. what does it take to reach your strength potential? get programs and advice for beginner, intermediate, and advanced stages. download the free pdf version of the complete strength training guide. types of exercises that require spotting. 29 and be adequately prepared for advanced strength training and., advanced weight lifting plan, advanced workout routine for mass, advanced training programs bodybuilding, powerlifting program

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