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with the new edition of future, teachers can engage, support, and challenge their adult learners at a distance by leveraging the program’s considerable digital and print resources. with these digital resources, you can transition your future course online and ensure your students have the resources they need to continue learning. the reader+ application allows students to read and interact with rich digital content and multimedia assets through highlighting, annotating and many other study and reading tools. the ebooks are also a perfect resource for synchronous instruction in a remote setting. teacher can take advantage of the myenglishlab platform to assign homework, monitor performance, and pinpoint areas for improvement. in the classroom, it can be used a computer and projector or with an interactive whiteboard to bring the book to life.

the pearson practice english app is a mobile app that delivers future audio and video resources on smart phones. the app can be downloaded from the app store and unlocked with the same pearson english portal login and password. our team is dedicated to helping you achieve success with future, 2e. how can you appeal to digital natives, while at the same time work within the constraints of your classroom? activeteach allows teachers to bring the text to life without the worries of a smart board. you also have the ability to enlarge, manipulate and annotate. you can see how to select an exercise, and have students complete the answers on the activeteach.

we provide schools with lesson plans and resources designed to deliver the maths and english curriculum through physically active learning. teach active gives children an extra hour or two of physical activity and is a brilliant way to support teachers too. positive mindset is prevalent and that buzz for learning is yet to fade.” “we’ve used teach active in our literacy and maths lessons. we’ve found it really helpful to have all the resources ready to print and thought the activities were very beneficial for the children’s learning.”

“teach active was exactly the right next step for sketchley hill and has proven to be even more effective in supporting our pupils to keep active during lockdown than we could have imagined. all resources accessible with everything you need at the click of a button and in line with age- related expectations. teach active is the active learning partner of the youth sport trust. “through their innovative approach, teach active allows teachers and leaders to put activity as the driving force behind the learning of maths and english.

make time to teach. powerful tools, simply delivered. make time to teach. spend more time delivering inspirational lessons, building confidence in your learners activeteach brings everything you need to teach into one place. activeteach comes either on a dvd or as a downloadable zip file within your course on the hello. sign in and let the learning begin! sign in. username. @. password. show password is hidden. forgot your username or password? sign in., active learn login, active learn login, pearson active learn, active learn login secondary, active learn primary.

to view your resource, please enter the code below: * note the difference between 0 (number zero) and o (capital letter o) when entering the code. the activeteach is an offline tool that delivers student book pages, audio, video, additional activities, and teacher resources. you can use activeteach engage every student in every lesson with actively learn’s award-winning ela, science, find what you teach and great texts & videos to pair with it., active learn secondary, bug club active learn, pearson active learn answers, pearson edexcel. what is active teach? how do i use pearson active teach? what is an activebook? how does active learn work?

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