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plus, you’ll have the opportunity to see in-session demonstrations featuring co-founder of acceptance and commitment therapy (act), steven c. hayes and other master act clinicians to gain a truly integrative understanding of the approach. he has a knack for making act very practical and user-friendly.” rosemarie l. (london, uk) in module 2, steven c. hayes will guide you through the application of act in client therapy sessions. control and acceptance act takes on the power of unruly thoughts and unwanted feelings!

dr. moran founded the midamerican psychological institute and has a passion for applying act principles in important areas outside of the clinic, such as the boardroom or construction sites. dr. moran has utilized act in work implementations and clinical training sites on six continents and in all 50 of the united states. steven c. hayes speaks internationally on acceptance and mindfulness and is one of the world’s most influential and cited clinical psychologists.

you’re a mental health professional who has had some interaction with acceptance and commitment therapy (act), whether you’re an experienced act practitioner or you’ve only just heard of act, and you want to learn how to get started. our act series takes professionals who have only heard of act to implementing it fluidly with clients on a daily basis. understand the basics of relational frame theory—the theory of language and cognition on which act is built. get hands-on, guided practice recognizing psychological inflexibility in clients in real time, and learn to fluidly respond from all points on the hexaflex. learn the foundations of the psychological flexibility model, and develop a beginning set of skills in act. learn the hexaflex (flexible contact with the present moment, cognitive defusion, acceptance, self-as-context, values, committed action) and the basic processes of act while adding act metaphors and techniques to your therapeutic toolbox.

you will see, do, and get feedback as you build a solid basis in the dynamic use of act interventions. this workshop is meant specifically for people who are reasonably familiar with mid-level act terms, in particular the six core act processes (mindfulness, self-as-context, acceptance, defusion, values, and commitment). the goal is to be able to use evidence-based processes linked to evidence-based procedures that address problems and promote prosperity in people. a better understanding of the model, and the ability to recognize inflexibility in clients and respond in real time. this master class is about the art and science of doing act well with all of your clients—especially the ones you only meet for limited sessions. get intensive practice conducting functional analysis in the moment, and then apply act solutions to your findings.

acceptance and commitment therapy (act) online training approach, including role plays, an online forum, in this transformational online training course, leading experts in the act community, including daniel j. moran, phd, quickly implement a training program that teaches thousands of skills to your veterinary staff. courses designed for, .

as you analyze your learners’ assessment data, one question often comes up: “ now what?” act training and act training. our acceptance and commitment therapy (act) series takes professionals who have only heard of act to there is no such thing as an officially certified act therapist. read more to learn how high quality training is maintained,

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