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once you’ve successfully completed the aat professional diploma in accounting you can go on to study chartered accountancy. all of the uk’s chartered accountancy bodies offer aat full members (maat) and fellow members (fmaat) generous exemptions and a fast track route to chartered status. they play a strategic role by providing professional advice aimed at maximising profitability for their employer. as a chartered accountant you’ll build on the technical knowledge, professional skills and practical experience you gained when completing your aat accounting qualifications, increasing your value to employers.

did you know that you can perform many of the same accounting tasks as a chartered accountant by becoming an aat full member? you can even apply for a licence to run your own business as an aat licensed accountant or bookkeeper. you can apply to become an aat full member after completing the aat professional diploma in accounting. the association of accounting technicians. a company limited by guarantee (no.

only certain functions are restricted to professionally qualified accountants; for example, individuals who operate in the areas of audit and insolvency must be registered, and only members of certain accountancy bodies are eligible for such registration. for example, in hong kong, members of rqbs excluding cipfa are accredited by hkicpa and therefore licensed under the professional accountants ordinance with ‘absolute equal status’ to local cpas. however, to use certain titles and designatory letters requires membership of the appropriate professional body, thus: the chartered bodies and the aia (which is the other recognised qualifying body) admit members only after passing examinations and undergoing a period of relevant work experience.

many aat students go on to study for chartered status with one of the chartered bodies with approximately 30% of chartered body membership comprising those who began their studies with aat. although not sponsored by any other professional body, iab qualifications are recognised by many of the bodies and members may, depending on the qualifications they hold apply for some exemptions to the other professional bodies. in practice some employers use the term as shorthand for ‘professional accountant’ and might consider members of non-chartered bodies or overseas equivalents.

all of the uk’s chartered accountancy bodies offer aat full members (maat) and fellow members (fmaat) generous licensed aat accountants are maats (members of aat) of if they have five years of experience and an unblemished apply to aat qualified accountant jobs now hiring on , the world’s largest job site., . achieve aat accountant status when you successfully complete the professional diploma in accounting and meet our work experience requirement, you can apply for aat full membership and become a professional aat accountant (maat). find out more about achieving professional maat status.

aat offers three accountancy qualifications, namely, foundation certificate in accounting (level 2), aat is the uk’s leading professional body that offers accountancy and finance qualifications. it provides none. you don’t need any prior qualifications or accountancy experience to begin studying aat. anyone,

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