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once you’ve successfully completed the aat professional diploma in accounting you can go on to study chartered accountancy. all of the uk’s chartered accountancy bodies offer aat full members (maat) and fellow members (fmaat) generous exemptions and a fast track route to chartered status. they play a strategic role by providing professional advice aimed at maximising profitability for their employer. as a chartered accountant you’ll build on the technical knowledge, professional skills and practical experience you gained when completing your aat accounting qualifications, increasing your value to employers.

did you know that you can perform many of the same accounting tasks as a chartered accountant by becoming an aat full member? you can even apply for a licence to run your own business as an aat licensed accountant or bookkeeper. you can apply to become an aat full member after completing the aat professional diploma in accounting. the association of accounting technicians. a company limited by guarantee (no.

the association of accounting technicians (aat) is the world’s leading professional body for accounting technicians, with over 150,000 members[1] worldwide. aat was created in 1980 by the institute of accounting staff (then a subsidiary of acca) and the association of technicians in finance and accounting (then a subsidiary of cipfa). the aat is based at 140 aldersgate street, london but has 43 branches across the uk with representation in the rest of the world including hong kong, botswana and south africa. [5] association of chartered certified accountants (acca) used to be a sponsor of the aat but broke away in order to form a rival qualification called the certified accounting technician (cat) award. the institute of chartered accountants in scotland is also keen to implement aat courses into its own business model.

[citation needed] it presently has no plans to develop an icas technician qualification in direct competition with the aat’s uk model as proposed in the late 1990s. the south african institute of chartered accountants decided to sponsor the aat program offering higher apprenticeship accounting courses and it has expanded since 2011. aat(sa) has no signatory powers for any of its south african members, this is because there is not sufficient audit content within the qualification offered. [7] since 2010 every level of the aat qualification has a number of modules, each of which culminate in a computer based assessment. the aat intermediate level 3 qualification or level 6 in scotland, is approved for the university entrance system with a value of 160 ucas tariff points. the final aat qualification, the aat advanced level is equivalent to qcf level 4 and scqf level 8. accounting technicians, when certified as being experienced and competently qualified, can perform identical tasks to chartered accountants with the exception of not being permitted to sign off company audits. the aat employer accreditation scheme recognises employers with a positive and planned approach to the professional development of their aat members, whether through studying for an aat qualification or, once qualified, supporting them in their continuing professional development.

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