What is spartan training

“upper body and grip strength exercises are most important to focus on if you want to be successful at conquering many of the obstacles,” says sgx trainer anthony ferguson. and even though it’ll be tempting to cram as much training in leading up to the race, your body will get stronger faster if you rest for a day or two a week as well. your shoulders, body, hips, and legs should all be in a straight line with heels on the ground. “this will help with grip strength, and it gets you used to pulling up your entire body weight, which is something that many obstacles require.” how to do it: stand tall under a pull-up bar.

“this will allow you to hoist heavy weight, pull yourself up ropes and over walls, and drag yourself through the thickest of mud!” how to do it: meunier recommends starting off with dead hangs, often called straight-arm hangs. “i like weighted pulls sandwiched between running.” how to do it: for the hand-over-hand sled pull, use ropes of varying thickness as you never know what you’ll get at a race, says bowden. attach a rope onto the sled and grip the end of the rope with no slack. keep running drills short and simple and use them to help with any stiffness developed in the sled workout.

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