What is mentor training

it can help the mentee develop new skills and a larger network. here are some of the main purposes of a workplace mentoring program for the mentor, mentee and organization. while the mentor is usually in the position of imparting knowledge to the mentee, a mentoring relationship can also help the more experienced employee learn new skills. mentoring can help increase the sense of self-worth that a mentor has because they will be able to see how their skills and abilities can help someone else.

this is an important factor in helping new hires to feel more a part of the organization. by asking younger workers to consider how they can grow through the experience, a mentoring program gives them more control over the direction of their career. the influence that a mentee can have on those around them can help bring a more positive atmosphere to the workplace. a mentor is in a position to identify additional skills that a mentee has that could be an advantage to the company long-term. a study by the university of guelph in canada demonstrated that workplace programs like mentorship can help an employee become more productive at a new company.

the purpose of workplace mentorship programs for the mentor, mentee and organization. the purpose of mentoring is to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of high performing employees and transfer these skills to newer or less experienced employees in order to advance their careers. a mentor is now an individual with specific knowledge or experience in a given area of expertise, who is willing and able to share their knowledge and experiences with a mentee. they are confident in their communication and leadership development skills, and equipped to pass along their knowledge and experiences. this training guide offers 12 activities that each address a key topic that can come up as mentoring relationships progress., professional mentor training, professional mentor training, mentor training activities, mentor training program, mentorship.

elements of effective practice for mentoring (4th edition) recommends training mentors on more than two dozen topics. employee for the purpose of the mentee’s growth, learning, and career development. often the mentor and mentee are internal to an organization, and there is an emphasis on organizational goals, mentoring is the employee training system under which a senior or more experienced person (the mentor) is assigned , mentorship program guidelines, how to structure a mentorship program, mentor program goals, mentoring curriculum template

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