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key players in university-based executive education span elite[clarification needed] universities, as well as many regional and mid-sized universities and business schools around the world. university-based executive education programs, and customized programs in particular, include serious engagement among executives, senior business faculty and researchers who are on the leading edge of business thought and management theory development. [5] the genesis of executive education can be traced to frederick taylor and his 1911 treatise principles of scientific management.

by the late 1970s nearly 20 business schools in the united states were offering some form of executive education. [11] executive education further developed in the 1980s and 1990s as the increasing pace and scope of global business demanded higher levels of education among employees. [citation needed] a substantial portion of the organizations surveyed by manchester business school said they anticipate executive education spending to moderately increase during the next three years. [16] ranking may be based on aims achieved, % of women, average rank, country, course design, fac.

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