What is Mstp medical school

it adds a significant research component to md education, training physician-scientists (md/phds) for high-level research careers in the biomedical sciences and academic medicine. unlike the standard medical curriculum, in which two clinical years follow two years of basic coursework, the unique duke curriculum concentrates all coursework in the first year. phd thesis projects, under the guidance of the school of medicine’s world-class faculty, span all areas of basic and clinical biomedical research.

the program, which leads to both the md and phd degrees and typically takes 7.9 years for completion, integrates the clinical curriculum of the school of medicine with graduate education in one of the sciences basic to medicine. although the emphasis of the program is on basic medical science, the additional clinical component affords program graduates a remarkable range of career opportunities. the third year of medical school is essentially the first year of the phd program, shortening the time-to-degree for the dual-degree student by a year. a final academic year of elective clinical study completes the requirements for the md degree.

training for careers in biomedical research duke university school of medicine’s dual-degree md/phd program, the medical scientist training program (mstp), was founded in 1966 and is one of the fourth oldest such programs in the country. dual-degree students who are motivated to undertake biomedical research and research-related careers in academia, industry, and government. mstp students participate in an integrated program of graduate training in the biomedical sciences and clinical training offered through medical schools. a number of medical schools without funded nih mstp grant slots , mstp schools, mstp schools, mstp vs md/phd, mstp salary, mstp programs ranked.

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