Training Plan Template

Training Plan is a working document that defines the strategies, tasks, and methods that will be used to meet the training needs. It is important that companies or organizations work out a detail plan for their training program before the implementation of any training projects or programs. People who are designing the training plan template need to know the organization current skills, learning objectives, learning methods and evaluation etc.

Training Plan Design

In the process of creating your training plan, you need to gather all relevant information from various source to answer the five key questions:

* What is the training goals of the plan?

* What is the learning objectives of the plan?

* What is the preferred delivery methods or activities?

* How to evaluate the learning results?

The training goal is the overall results or capabilities you hope to attain by implementing your training plan. the learning objectives is what you want to achieve after the implementation of the program and the evaluation methods is how you want to get the feedback and assess the effectiveness of the training program. To answer all the above questions, you need to gather inputs from participants from all levels of the organization. For example, do employees all need similar skill sets or are there many different types of job within the organization? do employees need to work across a range of skill areas or do they specialize in a narrow field?

Training Plan Template

When designing a training plan template, you need to include the following key information: Overall training goal, learning methods and activities, supporting documents and resources, detail implementation plan , evaluation and responsibilities. The training goals part is to show what you want to be able to do as a result of implementing your training plan, for example, meet a goal in your career development plan, etc.

It is important that you set a realistic learning goals. Learning methods and activities is to how you can reach the learning goals through efficient learning methods. In the section, you may try to answer the following questions: Do the methods match your particular learning style, e.g., reading, doing or listening? Do the methods stretch your styles, too? Are the methods readily accessible to you? Do the methods take advantage of real-life learning opportunities, e.g., use on-the-job training opportunities, real-life problems that occur at work, use of projects and programs at work?

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