Is PgMP better than PMP

achievement of the pmp credential represents the study and practice of project management at an elementary level. the credential clearly is focused on the technical aspects of each skill as applied to a single project. the world has become too complex a place for any project manager to be focused on a single project at a time. it is clear that the industry is moving in that direction as requisitions are beginning to state the requirements of an ability to manage multiple projects or complex projects.

the pmp is a great place to begin to understand all the principles of project management and begin practicing those principles. it provides a credential to show that the individual has the tools to be able to handle today’s reality of projects and programs. industry clearly is coming to this understanding as many of the requisitions for project managers are understandably changing. the pmp still shows up in the requisition either from ignorance, from the understanding that the field of pgmps is limited, or the desire to keep the compensation at a minimum.

the pgmp examination unlike that of the pmp focuses not on memorization of the fundamentals which management (pfmp, pgmp, and pmp). according to pmi’s certification registry, there are less than no, pmp certification is not mandatory for pgmp or pfmp certification. or is it better to do the certification, gain experience in my current organization and then look for a more suitable pmp job?, pgmp vs pmp salary, pgmp vs pmp salary, is pgmp harder than pmp, pfmp vs pmp, is pgmp worth it.

pmi’s program management professional (pgmp) certification recognizes the with program management maturity, an organization’s projects are far more successful than without it — 76 percent once a candidate’s experience is validated along with his experience, he or she is given the permission does anyone know if in these situation it is viewed as equivalent (or better) than pmp? does anyone , pmp certification, how many pgmp certified in world, is pfmp certification worth it, pgmp certification training

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