How do you train like an athlete at home

if you put all the fundamentals of fitness — strength, speed, power, mobility, agility and coordination — into one beefed up package, you’d get one seriously next-level athlete. that’s why we created a 30-day athlete training plan so you can dominate in all areas. “it provides you with a way to push yourself in each workout and challenge yourself to do better the next time.” because what athlete lost a game and then gave up the sport? whether you’re eager to get back on the court or the field, or simply want to enhance your fitness performance so you’re healthier and happier, you’ll end this one-month plan feeling like a winner. “the program will provide you with the tools you need to you react to any situation,” says marraccini. if you’re actually playing a sport, just carrying some groceries or trying to dodge tourists in times square, you’ll get equipped with the power and agility skills you need to trample any challenge, plus the strength to conquer whatever life throws your way.

“it allows you to make exercises more challenging, as well as easier if needed,” marraccini says. like any smart athlete, each day you’ll begin with a warm-up routine to get your body ready to rock the workout, injury-free. on monday, wednesday, friday and saturday (your more cardio-heavy days), complete one minute each of high knees, lateral shuffles, jumping jacks and mountain climbers — with a 30-second round of burpees between each of these exercises. but the key is to take it slow if you need to and focus on form. this will prep you for your conditioning days when you really rev your heart rate. now that you’re raring to go, it’s time to get strong, powerful and speedy. a health, fitness and lifestyle site brought to you by daily burn, in partnership with verywell.

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