How do you create a plyometric workout

but like any training technique, there’s a right way and a wrong way to apply it. it’s a three-step process in which your muscles slow down your body’s momentum, hold on to the energy that results from landing for a tiny fraction of a second, and convert that energy into forceful movement. ideally, you execute the load in 15 to 20 milliseconds. the faster you move through the load phase, the more elastic energy transitions to phase 3. in this final phase, your muscles contract quickly and forcefully to produce a powerful movement, like a jump. but the ssc provides them with an extra boost—the elastic energy you create in phase 1 and store in phase 2. how do you teach your body to take that elastic energy and put it to use?

that’s why stack developed explosive plyometrics, a three-day-per-week plyo training system consisting of 15- to 20-minute workouts that challenge and improve the stretch-shortening cycle. the exercises will teach your muscles to absorb more elastic energy and help you enhance your body control—a skill that’s critical for preventing injuries, which often occur during the eccentric (landing) phase of a movement. reducing the amount of time in the loading phase teaches your muscles to transition faster between the lengthen and fire phases. max-effort moves like box jumps increase the power you need for explosive moves in your sport. all you need to do is choose the exercises, sets and reps, and rest, and you will have an elite plyo training program that will make you a better athlete.

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