How do I train to be a mentor

with so much to cover, it’s easy to see why training would need to last at least two hours but more likely take six or more hours. an effective training is customized to meet the needs of your audiences and engages them using a variety of activities or modalities.

and remember: everyone learns by doing, so consider using role-plays, scenarios, and other activities to bring your trainings to life. during trainings, staff members see how participants interact with one another, how they respond to common mentoring scenarios, what they value, and how they react to program rules and policies. after the match is made, research shows that mentors will benefit from additional, ongoing training tailored to the needs and characteristics of the mentees.

elements of effective practice for mentoring (4th edition) recommends training mentors on more than two dozen topics. sample mentor training. part 1: program overview and introduction to mentoring . . 15. part 2: working effectively with effective training provides mentors with tools that help them be successful in their mentoring relationship. initial and , workplace mentor training, workplace mentor training, professional mentor training, mentor training activities, mentor training program.

customized mentoring programs, and training in coaching and mentoring skills. • succession planning strategies for unlike similar learning incentives like training programs or offering to pay for courses, mentoring utilizes the resources this training guide offers 12 activities that each address a key topic that can come up as mentoring relationships progress., business mentor training, mentor training curriculum, mentoring handbook pdf, peer mentor training

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