How do I start a flight school

most schools start with grand ideas and then settle into a constant cycle of stress-then-relative-prosperity-then-stress. you’re in the training and education business. your job will be to create an environment in which customers will come back and your instructors will stay—at least for a while. your instructors will need continuous training in customer service, what to say on the phone to new prospects, how to dress and speak when they’re at work, and how to leave their students feeling good about things at the end of each lesson. your overhead costs will go on even if you reduce your prices to entice new students. don’t go down the “the-pay-is-crappy-but-you’re-building-time” route. this just leads to resentment and grumbling around the water cooler, often overheard by students and customers. don’t spend on wasteful advertising, a fancy building, and a gleaming lobby just yet.

keep start-up costs to a minimum and invest for growth only when warranted by the numbers. don’t skimp on maintenance, but don’t toss the keys to the mechanic and say “fix it” either. know in advance what your costs will be, and question questionable charges. most of your time will be spent herding cats, stepping on fires, and trying to make the books balance. sure, the trash has to be emptied and the windows cleaned, but don’t forget you’re the boss, in charge of the big things, too. your biggest contribution comes from the basic decisions you make: where to locate. when to hire and fire. aviation is a close-knit community, and the friends you make can last a lifetime. if you’ve truly got the bug and go into it with your eyes wide open, are careful, and are not afraid to be tough once in a while, go for it.

so you want to start your own flight school? here are 10 things you absolutely must know. here are the steps you take to become a pilot: research pilot schools. take an introductory training flight. apply for faa medical certificate. apply for faa student pilot certificate. start flight training lessons. pass private pilot knowledge test. pass private pilot practical exam. damien wills left a corporate career to buy and operate a flight school with only $900 in the bank. if you are looking to start a business in order to just make money, you are deluding yourself and you , flight school startup, flight school startup, flight school business plan pdf, cost of operating a flight school, flight school for sale.

my friend howard nock has started and operated several flight schools over the years. i asked him to even if you don’t care to run a flight instruction business full on, becoming an instructor and working on a consultant hello all, so it has always been a dream of mine to open up my own part 61 flight school. first off., part 61 flight school, flight school near me, how to become a pilot, register flight school

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