How do I join the DGA

the directors guild of america is a powerful force that can help you realize your vision regardless of budget. on a very select, case-by-case basis, a director who has directed feature films that have bona fide theatrical releases in the united states and have received significant critical acclaim and/or commercial success may be invited to join. the initiation fee for directors joining on low-budget (under $11 million) narrative and documentary features is $3,500, with 40% payable up front and the remainder paid out over a year. the regular (non-low-budget) initiation fee is $11,015 (updated annually on july 1). earnings are reportable, and the corollary dues payable, quarterly.

basic dues are credited against each member’s obligation to pay percentage dues equal to one and one-half percent (1½%) of his or her gross earnings from employment in any guild category, provided that such dues shall be payable only on gross annual income of between $10,000 and $300,000. in addition, each guild member also pays dues on one percent (1%) of the total residuals of all types he or she receives pursuant to employment under a dga collective bargaining agreement. the minimum salaries for directors and their teams are budget-dependent. under the guild’s low budget agreement, these minimums are percentages of the “scale” rates in the dga basic agreement governing higher budget films and television productions. (please see the dga contracts section for a complete copy of the low budget agreement and for rate cards with percentages of scale conveniently calculated for each budget level.) the guild has developed an international agreement specifically designed to address the needs of directors living and working outside the united states and/or who are citizens of other countries.

how do i join the dga? as a director, you must either be hired by a signatory company to direct a project or develop a requirements: deal memo or commercial project listing form. council application approval. endorsement from three dga members. dga initiation fees and quarterly dues (follow the link and click “dues”) do you need to join the dga if your end goal is to be a 2nd 2nd ad? what are the requirement for a , How do I join the DGA, should i join the dga, should i join the dga, dga training program, directors guild of america.

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