How do I get into the FBI Academy

the training includes over 800 hours, including a variety of web-based courses, in four major concentrations: academics, case exercises, firearms training, and operational skills. since 1934, special agents have been authorized to carry firearms in the performance of their duties. you’ve got to be in great shape and be able to withstand the physical rigors of the job to be a special agent.

we use case exercises to test the trainees’ mettle in real-life situations and mirror what they will experience in the field. for example, the students are given an integrated case scenario that starts with a tip and culminates in the arrests of multiple subjects. after the trainees successfully complete the training program and are judged to be models of the fbi’s core values, they are ready to graduate.

it’s the job of the fbi academy to get agent trainees ready to serve skillfully and faithfully, and when necessary, to send how do i become an fbi agent? earn a degree in criminal justice, finance, science, computer technology, or foreign language; get two years of experience in a job related to your major; verify that you meet age (23-37) and citizenship (united states) requirements; how to become an fbi agent. step 1: obtain a bachelor’s degree. the first step toward becoming an fbi agent is earning a bachelor’s degree. step 2: gain work experience. step 3: complete the fbi application process. step 4: complete fbi academy training., how much does an fbi agent make, how to join the fbi, how to join the fbi, fbi agent requirements, fbi physical requirements.

fbi agents may find themselves gathering intelligence to thwart terrorist after completing all other steps, candidates report to the fbi academy in quantico, virginia, to complete the find out more about what you need to do to become an fbi agent. learn about training, background checks, physical after you’ve been accepted by the agency, you’ll head to the fbi academy on the u.s. marine corps base in quantico, , fbi jobs, what does an fbi agent do, fbi salary, fbi drug policy

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