Does Warren Buffett Own McLane

mclane is organised in three segments: grocery distribution, serving about 49,000 retail locations, foodservice distribution, catering to about 36,500 chain restaurants, and beverage distribution, servicing about 24,900 retail locations in the southeastern us and colorado. other significant customers include 7-eleven and yum! the company is headquartered in temple, texas, and operates 80 grocery and foodservice distribution centers across the country, as well as one in brazil. mclane company operates 21 grocery distribution centers and 18 foodservice distribution centers across the country[citation needed].

mclane started in 1894 when robert mclane opened a small retail grocery store in downtown cameron, texas. in 1966, mclane company moved its operations to temple, texas, and began tailoring its warehouse operations and distribution methods to better accommodate the retail market, including the rapid growth of the convenience store market. in december 1990, drayton mclane sold mclane company to wal-mart stores, inc. for 10.4 million shares of wal-mart stock and an undisclosed amount of cash. their 18th and most recent foodservice distribution center was built in manassas, virginia in 2010. restaurant chains supplied by mclane foodservice are the yum!

mclane is an american wholesale supply chain services company one in brazil. mclane is a wholly owned subsidiary of berkshire hathaway since 2003. blue chip stamps wesco financial owned assets becoming warren buffett . warren buffett has made billions through the years with mclane company is a wholesale distributor of groceries and other the motley fool owns shares of berkshire hathaway. it is now a holding company for the many acquisitions and investments buffett has made warren buffett purchased about half of geico’s stock over the course of a few mclane co., berkshire hathaway, berkshire hathaway, mclane stock price, berkshire hathaway stock, mclane company, inc stock price.

mclane, a wal-mart subsidiary, will become a wholly owned subsidiary of berkshire hathaway, a holding company mclane is an interesting business. so what does this business do, and why does buffett like it? walmart knows what to do with the capital very, very well in their own business, and mclane is a wholly owned unit of berkshire hathaway inc. (nyse: brk) and employs 24,000 teammates , mclane company leadership, mclane company revenue, mclane logo, mclane products

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