3d classroom displays

teachers who want to decorate their classrooms with engaging displays, student creations or other decorations can run out of space quickly — especially if a wall of their classroom is lined with windows. there are so many good classroom ceiling ideas, but all of them involve ceiling hangers and other accessories intended for the space above our heads. another way to maximize space is through the use of 3-d wall or table decorations.

our product development team is comprised of teachers just like you, who have dealt with the struggles of displaying work and the challenges of educating students. browse through our collection for inspiration, or contact us today for even more clever ideas. this product is not eligible for free or expedited shipping. please  click here to see our shipping section for further information.

everyone works together in a show of friendship and cooperation to create the display. children are proud of their individual contribution and of the result of their cooperative efforts. it is a visible recognition of the value of teamwork and will be admired by many. you start with a large triangle of strong cardboard. children cut and paste paper hands to create the leaves. decorate the tree with child-made ornaments and photographs to make a display that really stands out. when finished the session, select “finish” to save your progress.  to return to the page you were working on, select “resume”. this product is available free to registered users and subscribers. please log in, subscribe or register to access this resource. an annual subscription provides access to all existing and new readilearn resources for one year from the date of subscribing. please sign up now to start using readilearn resources in your classroom.

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bulletin boards and classroom displays will come alive with this 3d pop! potted plants bulletin board. the realistic-looking 3-d potted plants in this set a fantastic display for the start of the year, requiring careful use of pencil and ruler! children are given an printed copy of their name (in a bold font) this large 3d tree makes a wonderful display on your classroom wall for christmas. everyone works together in a show of friendship and cooperation to create, .

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